Household Brush and Yard Waste Collection Program

The City of Knoxville's Public Service Department crews collect brush and other household yard waste every two weeks on pre-set schedules from March through October of each year.

Yard waste should be placed next to the street in an unobstructed area and kept separate from other trash. On each two-week cycle, a single 6' x 6' x 6' pile of brush or leaves will be collected. Each year, the City picks up approximately 33,000 tons of yard waste, all of which is recycled into reusable mulch. During the annual fall leaf collection season brush pick-up is suspended and and collected as resources are available.

Please note that although brush schedules are pre-set and consistent, heavy storms may cause minor shifts in the schedule. All changes will be reflected in the 311 information system.

For detailed brush information specific to your neighborhood, please enter your street name above.

For any additional information, please contact the City by calling 311 or 865-215-4311.
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Street Name From Street Number To Street Number NEXT PICKUP DATE Map Number
WILLOW AVE 215 1220 09/16/2019 101
WILLIAMS ST 510 516 09/16/2019 101
WOMENS BASKETBALL HALL OF DR 600 799 09/16/2019 101
WALNUT ST 200 1099 09/16/2019 101
WALL AVE 301 400 09/16/2019 101
W FIFTH AVE 99 800 09/16/2019 101
VINE AVE 301 9999 09/16/2019 101
UNION AVE 100 799 09/16/2019 101
TOWN VIEW DR 200 1399 09/16/2019 101
SUMMIT HILL DR 100 1524 09/16/2019 101